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Basic Knowledge of Wire Rod Specification - 翻译中...
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Basic Knowledge of Wire Rod Specification - 翻译中...

Please flip out the your mobile phone to usb cable and observe the printed words on the line carefully. All types of cables are generally designed and manufactured in accordance with UL and CSA specifications. Usually, the type and specifications of the cables are marked on the body of the cables. It is not difficult to find some identification basis. UL is Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and CSA is Canadian Standards Association. Both of them are Industrial Standards Establishment and Safety Certification Authority.

When purchasing mobile phone to usb cable, we can generally find such words as AWM 2725 and E159272 in appearance, which is the design specification information for the line body. UL and CSA specifications focus on the temperature and voltage tolerance of wires, as well as the types and applications of wires, covering a wide range of areas. Compared with household, commercial and industrial applications, the low voltage and current transmission conditions of mobile devices are similar to those of pediatrics. In the normal use situation, it is not necessary to pay too much attention to this difference, just need to know its literal meaning.

Relevant traces of wire structure can also be found in the appearance of the thread body. The typeface is generally 28AWG/2C+26AWG/2C or 28AWG/1P, 26AWG/2C and so on. AWG stands for American Wire Gauge wire gauge, which belongs to the internal composition design specification of wire rod, and is also the most commonly used industrial standard at present. The number is the wire number, which is used to indicate the wire diameter (in inches). Marking principles is 26AWG, 16AWG and so on. The smaller the AWG value is, the thicker the wire diameter is.

As for why the smaller the AWG value is, the thicker the wire diameter is? The key point is the difference of section area. The signal lines of mobile phone to usb cable are made up of many small soft copper wires, tinned soft copper wires and other types of wires. For example, 20AWG is stuffed with 20 wires, while 10AWG has only 10 wires. Relatively speaking, the diameter of each conductor of 10AWG is relatively thick, and the cross-sectional area of 10AWG is naturally larger than 20AWG. And the diameter of these small conductors is proportional to the carrying current, which means the thicker the conductor, the higher the carrying capacity.
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